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Frequently asked questions

Can badminton courts be booked individually?

Individual court reservations are not possible. During busy periods, a lottery is held at the following times 9:55, 12:55, 17:55.
A lottery for courts that are not filled at times other than the above will be held again at five minutes to the hour.
In this lottery, priority will be given as follows;
  1. Persons who have not used a court that day
  2. Persons who could not use a court in a previous period
  3. People currently using a court (the remaining courts will be chosen by a representative of those who want to use a court)
After 18:00, the time of the draws varies by the day of the week. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, it is held every 30 minutes and on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays, it is held every 45 minutes. On Thursdays after 18:00, the draw for the sub-arena is every 60 minutes.
*The lotteries are handled by the instructors at times when they are on hand. Please note that the procedure may differ from the above.

What proof of employment should I bring?

The main combinations;
  • Employee ID and insurance card (showing the place of business) + business card (showing the same place of business and an address in Minato-ku)
  • Employment contract (issued less than 3 months) + personal ID (license, health insurance card, resident card)
  • Employment certificate (issued less than 3 months with company seal) + personal ID (license, health insurance card, resident card)

What are the hours of business?

Gate admission is from 8:30. Final gate admission is 21:30 and use of facilities is up to 22:00. Users must leave by 22:30.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring indoor shoes for the training park and sport halls. You will also need appropriate athletic attire and a towel.
For the pool, you will need a swimsuit, swimming cap, towel, and goggles if necessary.

What is available for rental?

Clothing (top and bottom), shoes: 300 yen per item
Badminton set (2 rackets / 2 shuttlecocks) 1,000 yen
Table tennis set (2 rackets / 2 balls) 1,000 yen
*Numbers are limited. Subject to availability.
Towels can be purchased for 200 yen, and socks for 300 yen.

What is the schedule for individual use?

The schedule for the next three days is shown in the middle section of our homepage.

When should applications be made for sports center programs?

We accept applications at the start of March, June, September and December.
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