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Information on How to Use the Pool


This open area is equipped with a large pool with eight 25-meter lanes, a jacuzzi, and a small pool with an elevating floor.

  • Large pool: six 25m lanes; 1.2m depth
    For walking: two 25m lanes; 1.05m depth
  • Small pool: 13m x 7m with elevating floor (70cm to 1m)
  • Two Jacuzzis, warming room, 4th floor observation deck etc.
  • Pool use fees are included in the general fee.
  • The pool may only be used for 2 hours at a time once daily.
  • An overstay charge applies when using the pool longer than 2 hours. (250 yen for adults and 50 yen for elementary/junior high school students per hour. However, this does not apply to individuals who have entered the facilities at no charge.)
Times of Use
  • 8:30am-10:00pm
    *Last entry to the pool is 9:30pm.
    *Last exit from the pool is 10:20pm.
    *Pool break time (three 10-min breaks daily)
Notes on Use
  • Swimming suits and swim caps must always be worn. (rentals not available)
  • Small children (up to 3rd grade-age) must swim accompanied by adults (high school age or older) in the pool.
Ineligible Individuals
  • Children below the age of three
  • Children still in diapers
  • Intoxicated people
  • Sick people infected with an infectious disease
  • Individuals prohibited by their doctors
  • Individuals who do not follow the rules of the facility
  • Individuals with tattoos are asked to cover their tattooed areas while they use the facilities.
  • When the facilities are crowded, we reserve the right to deny further entry.

PDF Monthly Schedule of Swimming Pool (2019-5)
PDF Monthly Schedule of Swimming Pool (2019-6)

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