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A variety of lessons primarily involving aerobics are available in the studio.
We also offer many other lessons.

Time Schedule

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*The Special Program is available during Holidays. Please check the time schedule before your visit.

Information on Programs

  • For the safety of all, we cannot allow you to join lessons that have already been in progress for 15 minutes or longer.
  • The studio holds approximately 60 people, and some circumstances may require users to take a numbered ticket or be admitted by lottery.
  • There are some lessons that require numbered tickets. Numbered tickets will be available at the training room counter 30 minutes prior to the start of the lesson.
  • There are various rules that must be followed to participate in a studio program.
Category Type Level Lesson Time Intensity
Cardio Aerobics Beginners Beginner's Aerobics 30
Introductory  Easy Aerobics 45 ★★
Introductory to Intermediate Basic Aerobics 60 ★★★
Introductory to Intermediate Combination Aerobics 60 ★★★★
Introductory to Intermediate Aero-Circuit 60 ★★★
Intermediate Fat-Burning 60 ★★★★
Intermediate to Advanced Aeromania 75 ★★★★★
Introductory to Intermediate Dance Aerobics 60 ★★★
Introductory to Intermediate and up Original Aerobics 60- ★★★-
Step Exercises Beginners Beginner's Step (ticket required) 30
Introductory  Basic Step (ticket required) 45 ★★
Introductory to Intermediate Step Circuit (ticket required) 60 ★★★
Martial Art Aerobics Introductory  Boxing Aerobics 30-45 ★★
Introductory to Intermediate Martial Fight Aerobics - Real 45-60 ★★★
Introductory to Intermediate Martial Fight Aerobics - EX 45-60 ★★★
Dance Pre-
Introductory to Intermediate Zumba 45-60 ★★★
Introductory to Intermediate Rhythm Dance 45-60 ★★★
Dance Introductory  Port De Bras 45 ★★
Beginners Beginner's Hula 30 Beginners
Eastern Arts Eastern Arts Beginners 18-Technique Renko 15
Introductory  Kembi-So 60
Introductory  Qigong 60
Introductory  24-Technique Tai Chi 60
Posture Adjusting Posture Adjusting Introductory  Beginner's Pilates 30
Beginners Morning Pilates 30 Beginners
Introductory  Inspiring Exercise 60
Beginners Morning Yoga 30
Beginners Relaxation Stretch 30 Beginners
Beginners Pole Stretch 30 Beginners
Conditioning Exercises Aerobics Beginners Lively Aerobics 45 Beginners
Introductory  Health Aerobics 45 ★★
Beginners Stretching 30 Beginners
Muscle Conditioning Introductory  Balleton 60 ★★★
Beginners Balance Ball EX (ticket required) 30 ★★★
Beginners Small Ball EX 30 ★★★
Beginners Tube Exercise 30 ★★★★
Introductory  Core (Abs) 15 ★★★★
Beginners Ladder Walk 30 ★★★★★
Special   Introductory and up Secret Lesson 60 ★-
Beginners Beginners Introductory Introductory ★★
Beginners to Intermediate ★★★ Intermediate ★★★★ Advanced ★★★★★

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
Beginner's Aerobics We recommend the beginner's class to people who are new to aerobics. We do fun choreographed moves to music.
Easy Aerobics We recommend this program for people who are not used to aerobics and prefer simple movements. We will cover the fundamental movements of aerobics.
Basic Aerobics This program is a slightly more intense and difficult level of aerobics than Easy Aerobics.
Combination Aerobics This program is a slightly more intense and difficult level of aerobics than Basic Aerobics.
Aero-Circuit This class integrates basic aerobics with weight training. We recommend this program for people who would like to do both aerobics and weight training.
Fat-Burning This is a high-energy burning program that offers lively movements.
Aeromania This is our most intense and difficult program. Only those who are used to aerobics should participate.
Dance Aerobics This class mixes dance with aerobics. Dance aerobics matches flexibility with dynamic movement.
Original Aerobics This class taps the personal aerobics style of the instructor.
Beginner's Step We recommend this program for people who are just beginning step exercises. You will become familiar with step exercises using an aerobic step.
Basic Step We recommend this program for people who are used to step exercises and prefer simply movement. This will raise your stamina as you perform step exercise.
Step Circuit This class integrates basic step exercise with weight training. We recommend this program for people who would like to do both step exercise and weight training.
Boxing Aerobics This is a martial art-style class that teaches basic boxing moves and combinations.
Martial Fight Aerobics – Real This is a full-on lesson that integrates elements from a variety of martial arts. You will learn moves using mitts that do not adhere to a specific rhythm.
Martial Fight Aerobics – EX This is an exercise class that integrates elements from a variety of martial arts.  You will have fun learning martial art moves in a rhythmic fashion.
Zumba This dance exercise comes from the US. You will achieve weight-loss through lively dance.
Rhythm Dance This is a dance fitness program that is fun, simple and dynamic as it combines various dance elements with music.
Port De Bras This is a class for dance conditioning exercise that adjusts posture, muscle strength and flexibility and incorporates elements of ballet and dance.
Beginner's Hula You'll learn the basics movements and steps of hula dancing, and you'll have fun doing so.
18-Technique Renko These are exercises that link medical treatment with physical education, and are based on ancient Chinese martial arts.
Kembi-So You will relax your mind and your body and achieve total harmony. These are easy health exercises that anyone can do.
Qigong This slow and gentle movement adjusts the chi flowing around your body, and increases your natural healing power and promotes your health.
24-Technique Tai Chi This is  unique Qigong Tai Chi that has been modified by the instructor, Yo Mei-Ji, based on the 24 techniques of simplified Tai Chi, itself originating from ancient Chinese martial arts. 
Beginner's Pilates This introductory class cultivates your body's core muscles, corrects any warping to your posture and resets your body's balance.
Morning Pilates This is a gentle morning pilates class that focuses on breathing and posture.
Inspiring Exercise This is a weight-loss and pelvis-correcting exercise. This fixes your body line back to its lovely shape.
Morning Yoga This is a simple introductory yoga class that aims to allow your body to recover from exhaustion and to relax.
Relaxation Stretch This class will relax your body and mind by stretching your muscles and removing the day's lingering exhaustion.
Pole Stretch In this class you will use a stretching pole to adjust your body's posture and relax stiff muscles and joints.
Lively Aerobics We recommend this class to older people and other people who are just starting to exercise. You will relax your body with full-body aerobics and do simple rhythm aerobics and stretching.
Health Aerobics This is a slow, thorough class that focuses on simple movements. We also exercise using hand weights.
Stretching You will do simple muscle conditioning that relaxes your body and improves your body's functions. Don't worry, because we do this class sitting down.
Balleton This is a new fusion-style exercise that integrates elements from calisthenics, ballet and yoga.
Balance Ball EX You will have fun cultivating your sense of balance and your muscle capacity using a balance ball.
Small Ball EX You will have fun exercising as you use a small ball to cultivate your muscles, sense of rhythm and balance abilities.
Tube Exercise The gentle resistance of the tube will enable you to do a variety of exercises and train your muscles.
Core (Abs) This is a training class that focuses on tightening up your body's core abdominal region.
Ladder Walk You will do simple walking up and down on an exercise ladder that stimulates the muscles around your hip joints.
Secret Lesson This is a secret lesson and you can look forward to a new surprise each week.
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